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Small bathroom remodels design idea

Small bathroom remodels design idea it's like you play a very hard game that must need a lot of patience. OK, it is difficult but not impossible and if read this article you will find more easy to accomplish this job.

Ladies want bathtub, the Men will choose shower. But it will be very difficult to do both fit in a small bathroom or you can turn the bathtub in the shower if mount an bathtub shower glass. Like i say, you need a little imagination and all the thing will be great for everybody in the house!

Today is very easy to find bathroom product that fit very wheel even in a small bathroom with a little imagination.
First of all you must consider to work with light colors on this project because this kind of color make the space to look larger than it is in reality. Also please use large mirrors, this it will help more then you think.
Let's take all the things that somebody need on a bath and to place them very wheel, square centimeter is very important.

The shower cabin is most important piece, because on shower people spend most of the time, this one must have a dimension that everybody in the house to fit on it. Place the cabin as far is possible from main door on a corner.

The toilet and sinks must be as small as possible. Please buy models with straight shape, minimalist forms for not hit them when we are in a hurry and to look like is some space. If you are living in USA, UK or Canada you can buy great toilet, sinks or bathtub to fit in your small bath from Villeroy & Boch

See some pictures with models of small bathroom remodeling by inspire people:
Small bathroom remodels design

Small bathroom remodels ideas

Small bathroom remodels with villeroy and boch

Small but very nice
You can see also this short movie with another models:

All cabinets must be hung on walls, here you have to find and sizes that do not go out very much inside the bathroom, narrow cabinets. You can use more if you have more things to store. All these must plated with mirror and the effect will be a special one.

Try to put some music to listen and relax when you use the bathroom by doing so you may feel more free and comfortable.

Do not forget the importance of lighting. A dark room will seem much smaller than it actually is. You can install a light fixture above the mirror and one on the ceiling to have as much light as possible even you have a window, because at night time the window will not help you at all!

So let's enumerate some tips to think about when you start to remodel a small bathroom:
1. Light colors
2. Large mirrors
3. Straight shape for toilet and sinks
4. Cabinets hung on walls or if possible build in walls
5. Shower better then bathtub or make the bathtub shower also with a glass wall
6. Lighting, the more you have the better it will be.
7. Some music it will make the ambient more luxury.

If you follow this steps carefully will gonna have a very nice small bathroom at the end.

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