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Bathroom remodel Step by Step

Bathroom remodel Step by Step tips and ideea!
This job can be a pretty complicated if you do not have a professional help that can cost a lot. So we gonna go on this road with no help and we will try step by step to see which is the most appropriate strategy to have your dream bathroom.
We discuss here the basic principles for remodeling the bathroom and then in future articles we see about small bath remodeling and the largest one.

Is ideal when we have two bathrooms in the house because it is easiest to temporarily disused bath where we work to be able to do everything leisurely and as well.
If we do not have two bathrooms must take into consideration a programming works perfect way to allow less time without usable bathroom.

Let's start with the beginning. First we have to completely remove everything and even take out of the bathroom so all plumbing means to check them or change them in the best case.
Thus we be sure that a long time not having to break walls to change a broken pipe that due to the fact he was too old!
After replacing all the pipes and their positioning for new ideas for remodeling'll have to choose the products for the new bathroom that we want to assemble. So we know exactly where does the toilet, sink or tub where it comes to the necessary pipes have their connections.

To have a dream bathroom remodeling require luxury products that will make the whole picture to be exceptional and very beautiful. We recommend products from Jado, Maison Valentina, Dornbracht, Toto, Vitra, Armani, Aveo, Boffi, Christian Fischbacher, Jacuzzi, Jonathan Adler, Philippe Starck, Hansgrohe or Villeroy & Boch for best results.

After the pipes have to deal with the floor that must be resistant to water and to match the bath products but also we tackle the walls. We may chose tiles from Marazzi, Armani, Versace, Carmen, Waters, Rondine, Panarea, Bisazza.

Also you can choose marble, granite or other stone that resist water well. Last but not least you can go on to Kronoswiss laminate flooring collections Mega, Liberty Origin, this models are resistant to water.

shower gutter drain
If you want to put a walk-in glass wall shower we must put a shower gutter in the floor on the time when you still work at the floor. Also we need to isolate very good the shower area to form a hot shower or use recessed floor level. We believe that is the most good way to have some space in a small bathroom and also the maximum utility of it. The bathtub it very good if you also have the time to stay on it, otherwise if you use only to make shower it will occupy a lot of space rather then glass wall shower!
If you have a large bathroom then is better to have both the bathtub and the shower zone.

shower glass wall

After you make all the arrangements with the floor you must start think about walls, and here is more solution for you; ceramic tiles, stone but we recommend the glass. Yes the Lacobel glass is now the new trend in bathroom walls or even kitchen because is have some advantage that no material have. The Glass form Lacobel have a very large wide of colors, is very shiny and remain like this for a lot o use time. You can use large panel from one piece like 1 meter on 2.5 meter or more depends the height of your walls. Please consider that you must take in your calculation some hols that you gonna need to put the bath accessories on walls and this holes must be done on glass factory, is not possible to make it at home, maybe this is the only disadvantage of Lacobel. Also the glass is bacteriostatic material, very easy to clean and very easy to make the montage, is possible even to make the montage over your old ceramic tile!

Bathroom remodel with bathtub and Shower
Now it remain the light and the door. On the light is very nice to put something from Iguzzini lighting, they have a range o products that is have a very beautiful wave of light.
The door we believe it must be made of full glass with some model sandblasted on it, this type of door it will resist a lot of time on bathroom condition.
 If you start to do the bathroom remodel and take this step by step idea of design your success is guaranteed.
Please let us know what problems you have to do this remodel and will try to help you with good advice.

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  1. Amazing article! It give me the power to start my bathroom remodel. Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. Hi, please let me know where can I buy Boffi product in UK! Thank's man for great post.

  3. The shower gutter drain can be replace with something else, I don't have space to put in my floor! Nice article anyway!